1. The market is full of opportunities

Whether you’re looking for a job or to open a business, the UK offers a lot of opportunities, thanks to the highly active commercial district of London and other prominent cities in the country.

The unemployment rate comes to only  3.7%, which is the lowest in 48 years and makes it one of the lowest in Europe.

The UK is suffering a shortage of workers after about 500,000 quit the labour market during the Covid-19 pandemic and many continental European workers left Britain following Brexit.

There is also a noticeable increase in salaries, in recent years. On average the salaries were 20% higher at the beginning of 2022 than in the last quarter of 2019, especially in the IT, legal, and consulting industries, which gives a lot of opportunities for skilled foreigners.

  • Getting around the UK is easy

The modes of transport in the UK are high-end and various, from underground to bus services, you will have plenty of options if you want to go places. Tube lines like Victoria and Jubilee operate 24 / 7, even on Fridays and Saturdays.

Also, set to open by the end of this month Elizabeth line aims to connect east and west London making the travel from 2 different city parts much faster and significantly reducing the traffic. It is expected to serve around 200 million people every year.

  • Rich in culture and arts

If you love art and cultural heritage, you’ll also love what the UK has to offer. It has loads of art galleries, museums, theatres, and concert halls that provide options for people looking for entertainment on any day of the week.

2022 will be the first year since 2019 that London’s theatres and galleries have not been forced to close en masse as a result of the global pandemic. Many people can finally enjoy their favorite shows without any covid restrictions. From My Fair Lady to Legally Blonde, theaters are back with the best plays and musicals.

What’s more, 2022 is the year of the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen who will become the first British Monarch to celebrate 70 years of service. Many events and activities will be happening throughout the UK to celebrate this occasion. The Platinum Jubilee Central Weekend will take place from 2nd to 5th June, so hurry up if you wanna experience it yourself.

  • Beautiful and relaxing green spaces

Even though the United Kingdom is renowned for its busy cities and famous landmarks, it boasts a total of  27,000 public parks and green spaces for you and your family to enjoy. These cover about 18% of the country, making it an eco-friendly place to live in.

  • Diverse and congenial community

As you may already know, the UK is made up of many different districts, each of which has its unique flavor. The UK is a melting pot of various cultures and worship groups. In 2019, people born outside the UK made up an estimated 14% of the UK’s population, of nearly 9.5 million people.  Among all regions of the UK,  London has the largest number of migrants – over 3,300,000 which is 35% of the UK’s total foreign-born population with Indians, Poles, and Pakistanis as the top 3 nationalities.

This results in a very friendly and enjoyable place, making it ideal for expats and foreign investors.