Finding a new place to live is one of a person’s most critical decisions. You’ll need to consider the environment and the opportunities available. If you’re looking for a new location to call home, you might want to consider Portugal.

Seated in the westernmost part of Europe, Portugal remains a top travel destination. However, if you’re planning to settle in this part of the Iberian Peninsula, here are three compelling reasons to do so.

1. Location: There’s something for everyone

As a geographical location, Portugal’s diversity is its underrated strength. With over 1,800 kilometers of coastline extending around the Atlantic Ocean. The North Region, its most populous area, lets you enjoy a cooler climate for most of the year. Rural regions like the Douro Valley scatter across northern Portugal. This is where the world-famous port wine is made.

If you’re looking for an urban feel similar to the rest of the world’s busiest cities, the centers of Porto and Lisbon have so much to offer. This is where you’ll find the economic zones and co-working spaces fused with historical parks. If what you’re looking for are places to unwind, you can also enjoy Portugal’s authentic local spots.

If you go further south, especially across the islands of the Azores, you can also enjoy the subtropical climate. The autonomous region comprises nine main islands and several smaller islets across the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. If you fancy living the island life where you’ll experience endless sunsets and enjoy stunning beaches, go South.

2. Opportunities: Portugal is immigrant-friendly

With its rich history, numerous cultural hubs, and world-class travel destinations, it’s surprising to learn that Portugal has a low cost of living. In context, living in Portugal is still 60 percent more expensive than in Russia. However, life in Portugal is more affordable compared to other prime locations in the region like the UK, Switzerland, Austria, or its Iberian neighbor, Spain.

Also, a large percentage of the people in Portugal are immigrants. The government actively accommodates foreigners, starting with the Working in Portugal program. It strengthens legal entry into the country, offers programs to integrate them into the local workforce, and even offers citizenship privileges.

As you move into a new country, finding a house may get in the way as it’s always a problem for foreigners. In Portugal, getting your own home is easier than in most places in Europe. Thanks to its booming real estate market that caters to its working class, you have a fair shot at securing your own real estate property without breaking your bank.

3. Quality of Life: Comfortable, inclusive, and safe

Banking on its long history of diversity, Portugal remains one of the most inclusive countries. It ultimately reflects the quality of life across different ethnicities, ages, and gender orientations. A 2017 survey from Expat Insider revealed that the Iberian nation has the best quality of life. Portugal leads the list with a 93 percent satisfaction rating, followed by Taiwan and Spain.

People rarely worry about their safety and security. Global Finance recognized Portugal as the fourth safest territory in 2019, rising to the third spot in the following year. Statistically speaking, it has a low crime rate. If you match this with the Portuguese’s friendliness and warmth, you’ll likely conclude that Portugal’s indeed a great place to live alone or raise a family.

Ready to Call Portugal Home?

With its diverse communities and picturesque views, immigrant-friendly programs, solid national policies, and inherently friendly people, Portugal should be on everyone’s top of mind when choosing a new place to relocate to and settle in. 

The Portugal Golden Residency Program

There are two options to migrate your family faster to Portugal and earn a permanent residency status. These are:

  1. Real estate acquisition – With the minimum purchase value of EUR 500,000 or EUR 350,000, where purchased real estate is a minimum of 30 years old and requires refurbishment
  2. Government-approved fund investment – With a minimum property value of EUR 500,000 

Migrating to another country is always complicated because of the paperwork, but we can make it easier for you. With our help, you can enjoy faster processing time, low-stay requirements, and eligibility to apply for citizenship in as little as 5 years. In addition, we have the most exceptional properties to invest in, so you and your family can make the most out of your stay in Portugal. Contact us to enquire about our Portugal Golden Visa or Residence-by-Investment Program.