Greece Golden Visa

Greece Golden Visa

The Greece Permanent Residence-by-Investment Program has long been the outstanding performer amount the EU Residence options. With a sound real estate investment option of EUR 250,000 and an immediate 5-year PR granted, this is also renewable indefinitely if the real estate is retained.


  • Expeditious processing with Residence granted in as little as 60 days from applying
  • Lowest cost of entry in terms of UK real estate investment options
  • Visa-Free access within the European Schengen Area for up to 90 days
  • Spouse and children can be included
  • No physical residence requirements
  • High standard of living and access to outstanding education


EUR 250,000 real estate investment, this investment is non-restrictive, and applicants can apply anywhere in Greece. The opening of your Greece bank account and the real estate purchase must be completed prior to submission of the Residence application. A confirmation of receipt of the application will then be received and this can be used to enter Greece within 6 months of receipt to complete biometrics and receive Residence Cards

Visa-Free Access

Access for 90 days to all EU Schengen Zone Countries. The allowable 90 days falls into 180 days from the time of initial entry.

Government Fees

  • Government application fees: EUR 2,000
  • Government Processing fee: EUR 150 for adult dependents
  • Health Insurance: EUR 150 (approximate) Health Insurance annually payable per applicant