Chestertons Global expanding rapidly in the Middle East and other parts of the world with its Citizenship by Investment Programs.   The division brings together a highly experienced team with a deep understanding of the best practices across the industry and a detailed understanding of the global real estate investment market. The launch of this new division is a win-win for Chestertons and its clients both old and new.

The expansion follows a recent increase in interest in CBI (Citizen by Investment) programs in the UK and North America. Traditionally citizenship by investment in emerging markets has been determined by criteria like passport strength, however, the pandemic has caused many countries to realign their global mobility strategies.

The pandemic and Brexit have caused a surge in inquiries from the UK for EU Programs, specifically Portugal and Greece, both offering high-value real estate acquisitions with the attached Permanent Residence. There has also been significant growth in demand for schemes in the Caribbean, Grenada, Dominica, and St. Kitts. This growth is due to varying donation or investment options, expedited processing, and the ability to gain alternative Citizenship in the countries.

Based in Dubai the Chestertons Global Citizenship team is headed up by industry specialist Sheldon Labuschagne. Prior to joining Chestertons Sheldon advised a range of clients on all aspects of UK immigration law. He then joined Astons as an immigration expert. Sheldon specializes in all kinds of immigration and citizenship programs and brings a huge breadth of experience to the team. 

The full-service team will guide people through the entire journey, from initial consultation right through to the issuing of the desired passport. With a large proportion of citizenship programs revolving around real estate, Chestertons’ wealth of experience in this key area means that the Global Citizenship team can offer a tailored experience to every client.

Dennis Chan – Global Head of International Sales, comments:

“In the last two years, we have observed a rising trend of our clients seeking advice on alternative residency and citizenship options to have peace of mind regarding their futures.

Our Middle Eastern clientele has begun to enquire more about the Caribbean and European choices although the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada remain as our most sought-after destinations. With our global presence spanning from the Caribbean to Europe and Asia, we decided that now was the right time to offer a global citizenship consultancy service to respond better to our high net-worth clients’ needs.”

Sheldon Labuschange – Head of Global Citizenship, comments:

“Having taken up the mantle as Head of Global Citizenship, I am extremely excited about what the future holds for our company and the direct Citizenship team here at Chestertons. We have carefully considered the needs of our marketplace and we look forward to providing real long-term value.”

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