1. Great sunny weather 

The climate of the Caribbean is tropical to subtropical, with year-round sunshine and moist wind. The rainy season starts from May to October, while hurricanes occur between June and November. The average temperate is around 28 to 30 Celsius. This makes the Caribbean one of the most desired holiday and summer homes destination.

2. Natural Beauty 

The Caribbean is well known for its beautiful island life and excellent beaches. You can experience impressive beaches in Antigua, peaceful Dominica, or lush forests and green mountains of St Lucia.  All islands have warm waters and white sands. It is a natural paradise for beach and nature lovers.

3. Friendly People and Culture 

People living in the Caribbean islands come from different countries and cultures all over the world. As the islands are a multicultural community, you will hear different languages, such as English, Dutch, Chinese, and Spanish. As a result, it is all the more likely that you will encounter your native language spoken on the islands. The people, in general, are very friendly and welcoming.

4. Favorable Tax Structures

Here’s another reason to become a citizen of the Caribbean. Unlike many countries in the world, most of the islands in the Caribbean have desirable tax rates for both companies and individuals living in the Caribbean. Known as one of the most chosen tax heavens by many expats in the world, the Caribbean islands provide financial privacy and little or no tax policy.

5. Possibility of getting a Caribbean Passport in a few weeks

Caribbean programs are one of the fastest citizenship programs around the world. You can obtain a second passport in as fast as 8-12 weeks. The government donation starts at $100.000 for a single applicant, while a high ROI real estate investment is from $200.000.