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Since the inception of Citizenship-by-Investment in 2012, the trend of obtaining another Residency or Citizenship has steadily grown and become a necessity for those looking to secure their future or increase global mobility, not only for themselves but for generations to come.

Given the increased Program availability and jurisdictions available our clients can access true diversity in terms of capital placement, tax efficiency, and long-term wealth preservation.

With the ability to access global education, medical care, and business infrastructure the accessing of both Residence and Citizenship by Investment has become commonplace for the globally minded.





Your Reliable Partners!

We ensure the chosen jurisdiction and solution provided are tailored to our client’s specific needs. Whether that be through building a Passport and Residence Portfolio or simply ensuring the correct Program is selected based on each client’s specified needs.

We continue to approach this in the same client-centric manner Chestertons has always done, since 1805.

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the specific Program chosen but generally Caribbean Citizenship can be obtained in 4-6 months, EU Residence between 3 and 8 months. We do often see certain Programs turned around in as little as 2 months.

When applying for certain Citizenship options one can apply via donation or primarily real estate investment for a legislated timeline. Options start from USD 100,000 and again dependent on the Program can be north of EUR 1,000,000.

Yes, many Programs allow for not only the inclusion of applicant’s spouse and children but both parents and grandparents as well.

Yes, real estate investment is the legislated investment option across the majority of Programs across the Caribbean, Europe and Turkey.

Yes, in fact this has been increasingly popular and many applicants choose to not simply gain second Citizenship in one of the chosen Caribbean CBI’s but compliment this with an EU Permanent Residence option.

This varies from Program to Program, in the case of Caribbean Citizenship visiting would not be required to have your Passport granted. However, when applying for European Residence a biometric visit is usually mandatory and, in some cases, a minimal annual stay but again this is very nominal.

How It Works

Initial Program Selection

We provide the full spectrum of available programs across Europe, the Caribbean, Turkey, and Vanuatu.


Chestertons will facilitate the entire process for you and your family.

Right Investment Option

We ensure the chosen jurisdiction and solution provided are tailored to our client’s specific needs.

Passport Delivery

Ensuring delivery of your chosen Passport or Residence is delivered as expeditiously as possible.


“Having contacted the Chestertons team after speaking to a few other providers I was quickly provided clear guidance on the best UK entry options for myself and my spouse. We have now been in the UK for 3 weeks and could not have done it without your team”.

Ahmed Alamy

“The decision-making process was certainly longer than expected but your team was both patient and accurate in helping us make our final Citizenship decision”.

Vladimir Evdokimov

“I appreciate the assistance throughout the process from your team, from initial Program selection, through to submission, paying the required investment amount and having me and my families Passports delivered within the stated timeline, a tremendous experience altogether”.

Bradley Green

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